What happens With Dragons?


From the Past to the Unearthing of the Dragon

Generally, in mundane life, nothing happens with dragons. Except of course those found, along with the marvellous sea horses, in nature.Sea dragon

However get your imagination involved and the universe is the limit.

I would like to tell you a tale of a steam-punk, romance, fantasy and adventure. Or at least send you in the right direction to find this set of books. I have just read these from beginning to end with scarcely a breath between books.

I was browsing the Kobo eBooks for reasonably priced books. I found one author that sounded interesting. Lindsay Buroker by name and eBook writer by trade – at least when she isn’t doing other things! There was a special on her ‘Dragon Blood’ series books 1 to 3. This was wonderful as it let me trial the beginning of a new series without the potential of wasting my money. Well I was hooked and within three weeks had purchased and read all nine books. You can read up on Lindsay on her website.

Now let me tell you, this was a wonderful read. The combination of the four threads just worked so well. On one hand things powered by magic and the other by the Victorian era steam power.

And then the fantasy and adventure.

Steampunk Science Fiction or Fantasy 

Science Fiction SteampunkSteam bus original

The Steampunk science fiction portion is the technological characteristics of the steam machines.

I love steam powered stuff. Many of my versatile friends have built boilers, engines and the like and I am genuinely envious of their ability. Steam power was great stuff however the machines powered were truly weighty.

Yet if the post Victorians had not put their minds to it and had never discovered combustion engines we would all be huffing and puffing along with streams of steam and smoke signaturing our route. And we would be enjoying the scenery along the way with the much slower pace of travel. (As long as the wind was blowing in the right direction.)

In spite of their weight, some of these interesting little items were pretty darned fast. And, as apparently these steam machines were reasonably quiet, thank goodness for the steam and smoke. It helped prevent them from sneaking up on you.

This nice little article is about the challenge to beat the world steam powered car speed record. The lovely sentence at the end says it all.

In regards to monitoring the speed record the FIA-­authorised chief timing official said “This,” he says, “was the slowest one I’ve ever done.”

So that is the science fiction technology part of Steampunk.

Steampunk Fantasy

steampunk spider

Accompanying this is the fantasy portion of Steampunk. The technology takes on human like characteristics. Often dogmatic and, currently, in the realm of fantasy.

Ta da who knows what machines will do and say in the future. So watch out if you magically transport to a steampunk world. The machines will chase you and guess at your next move. Good luck there!

The bright side that I have found so far is not many can climb. Your best hope is that the pursuing steam machine can’t climb and you can. Although I think this one might be able to. Hope it is not poisonous!

The Fantasy Floats Freely

And then there are the fantastical applications of steam machines. Flying airships, flying cities – this almost sounds like a “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” tale. Or perhaps a Monty Python movie. With the weight of the boiler and water storage this would have to be a very big balloon.

Are There Dragons or Not?

Hidden dragon

The background of these stories all start with dragons, dragon blood and dragon deeds. And don’t you believe dragons aren’t arrogant! It seems the world orbits around them. Thank goodness there are none to be seen. Or are there. That’s for you to find out!

Imagine what deeds they did or what magical properties their blood might have. That’s if they ever existed.

How do People Fly?

No they don’t grow dragon wings. Now really even this would be hard to explain even in fantasy. Dragon bones would have to be very light but strong. Light to reduce weight but strong enough to lift the beast. Or maybe dragons are hollow too! I suppose the empty space within their internal furnace would be relatively large and lighten the dragon load.

flying ship

The answer might lay with common household gadgets. See for yourselves when you read the books.

Dragon Blood Adventure

Buroker’s Dragon Blood series is full of adventure. And the best part is that it doesn’t take itself seriously. There is light heartedness, flippancy, irreverence and often total chaos. All of this is in a fun way.

Of course there is mayhem and murder but what do you expect in a sci-fi and fantasy story. It’s not all sweetness and light and acceptance.

But all is done is a very readable manner. The heroes get shot down and shot up and then, surprise surprise, they bounce back.

Situations arise that are impossible but what the heck, that’s the point of an adventure. Cliff hangers, yes! But within the individual stories. Each book can be read by itself. However they are much more enjoyable read sequentially.Dragon Blood Heroes


Buroker’s romance bounces off the steampunkedness and fantasy. Then it is combined with both to produce the adventure. And there is a lot of real life feeling and lots of humour involved in the romance itself. Here you have one of those, it should never have happened, situations. And boy does it work!

Sex, yes but don’t expect the overworked stuff often put in any type of romance book. These books are about adventure and what makes that up. The sex is just a sideline and apparently an enjoyable one at that!

Does Dragon Blood work – of Course it Does!Dragon Blood the Books

So how does dragon blood work. Well there is cross breeding, magic and health (I suppose in this world this is attributed to magic too). This is not an exclusive list. Your imagination will supply your own interpretation.

There is beauty, arrogance, prejudice and lots and lots of superstition and ignorance. Sounds almost like our world.

And dragon blood has proved an irresistible temptation to me.

Now I found these books through my Kobo account. As I have a great Kobo eReader that was the best bet for me to purchase them. If you haven’t already got an eReader or other eBook method of reading online books then I can heartily recommend these little, easily hand held devices.

And by the way, if you read anywhere; on the beach, in the bathtub or in the desert; there is an H2O Aura eReader that is water and scratch resistant.

So if I have intrigued you enough head on over to Kobo and have a look at these extremely enjoyable books. They are easy reading so great for a relaxing, curled up in front of the fire or in bed session. N

Now if you don’t have the Kobo eReader you can find these books at Amazon for the Kindle eReader. To get you started I have linked to the boxed set of the first three Dragon Blood books.

And any comments on what you find or suggest would be lovely and appreciated.

And the best part is, in researching these books I have found there is another one out. And it is free. How is that for a gift.




  1. Wow, I love the variety that is on your page. From eBooks, to other science-fiction, to steam machines. It’s great. I have a friend who built a stem engine truck. He is very good at building things, and very interested in old-time inventions too. He’s really keen on steam engines. By the way, I like the looks of your site also, very pleasing to the eye. Thanks for a nice job, Jim

    • Jim, thanks for the high praise and thumbs up on steam machines. We have great steam museums here and I love to visit them. Have you ever visited the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. Boy was he ahead of his times. It is quite fascinating.

      There is a steam train in Hobart that is run from the museum it is housed in. I takes a scenic trip up the Derwent River once a month. If you ever visit here I recommend you take a look at the Transport Museum.

      It has be lovely reading your comments and thanks for them.

  2. Humans are fascinated with fiction and I am a big member of that group. Dragons have become such a huge part of fiction that you might think they actually did exist at some point like dinosaurs did.
    Steam engines are a fascination for my kids who are so much in love with Thomas the tank engine. I had to take them to a railway museum so they could get a lecture on how steam engines worked.
    The reads you have reviewed sound great especially those with dragon fantasy. I will check them out.

    • Long ago most tales would have been considered fantasy and science fiction (even though those terms were not coined then). Now the information contained in them would be considered fact!

      In Hobart we are lucky to have the Transport Museum. There not only can you look, explore and learn. Once a month they fire up the steam train and take people on a train ride up the valley. It is great fun for kids and adults alike.

      If your family likes dragons have a glance at my ‘Ordinary Farm’ post. http://fantasy-sci-fi-vision.com/is-this-just-your…. I have only read the first two books so far but intend to remedy that soon. These are great for children and the young at heart.

      Thanks for your comment and feel free to visit me any time.

  3. Yes! Thank you for this review. It’s always such a shame when you buy a book and it turns out to be crap. 🙁 the free trials and other review are always awesome to read so you know if they are worth paying for. I have the Kindle Fire myself and absolutely love it. Thanks for reviewing all these, I can finally start a new series. 🙂

    • My Kobo was a gift and I love it. But many friends have Kindle and they love them. So why compare; just enjoy. I agree with the ability to test a series before you buy. I am reading another of her book series but am finding it a bit young. I expect they are targeted towards un-cynical youngsters! However I won’t let this stop me from trying others. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you again sometime.

      Ps, now when I read a paper book I find myself tapping the edge of the page to turn it. Guess what. Nothing happens!

  4. Hi Helen,

    I found your post on steampunk, the scary version of the genre, the dragons, and such very entertaining and like the series of eBooks you describe, a light and enjoyable read…

    You have convinced me to not only check out this Kobo site, as well as to have a look at the e-reader tools you have mentioned. To date I read eBooks on my smartphone as time permits, a slightly larger screen may make the experience a bit better!

    It also appears that you have a knack for writing yourself. Have you considered using your considerable talents to put some stories together for us all to enjoy? if so let us know where we can get them!


    • I have always wanted to try and write a book or tales. I have a few friends who have done this but they have had so much trouble with the support people, ie editors and the like, that they have been discouraged. Now I only have to find an interesting theme. Someday will come.

      Thanks for visiting my site. I find my eReader is easy to hold, great to read and you can adjust the font. The fun of Kobo is that you can get books from other than their store. This opens the door for loads of classics. And you can buy from Kindle and use the local library to get books too. There is a converter that they give you in their manual.

  5. You have intrigued me enough to visit Lindsay Buroker’s website and I will most likely be reading her free book to see if I too enjoy her work. I’m a big fan of Fantasy, and especially dragons, not so sure about the steam engines, but hey ho willing to keep an open mind. 🙂

    • Ah Jules, don’t worry about the steam engines. They get messed up quite a lot here. But such fun and vandalism in the process. Make sure you get a stand alone free book so you don’t risk the ruin of a sequential tale. Have fun reading and if you like, let me know what you think.

  6. I found this post by chance and had to smile as I’m 30% into Dragon Blood 7 “ Soulblade“ and I thoroughly recommend the series, too, for its imagination, characterisation and sense of humour. Can’t remember how I first discovered the author but think Amazon’s amazing system suggested it after I’d read all of Robin Hobb’s wonderful Rain Wilds Chronicles involving dragons (fabulous series, as are all her other fantasies. if you haven’t read any, you have a treat in store) and, of course, Game of Thrones and it’s sequels. Hadn’t thought to look for Lindsay Buroker’s website, so thanks for that link. I love sci fi and fantasy, so am off to peruse the rest of your site to find some new authors. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • My excuse to start reading this series was the phenomenally inexpensive set of the first three books. And hence the trail began. I have never gotten into the Thrones series but I did try. Maybe I will try again sometime. It started out as ‘same old’ but maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.

      Hah another Robin Hobb fan. I have read the Rain Wilds and the preceding Live Ship Traders. Someone started me off with the Tawny Man years ago and I have followed her ever since. I am going to do a post on her but my Live Ship books are packed away and I need to read them before I do.

      I have another dragon post ‘Ordinary Farm’ post, http://fantasy-sci-fi-vision.com/is-this-just-your…. I have only read the first two books so far but intend to remedy that soon. These are great for children and the young at heart.

  7. I like the review. I started to get a little distracted at the end, but I am easily distracted. I like how bring in the Kobo eReader and extremely enjoyable books. I felt that the reason you were writing the review was to highlight the books not to sell me something. Very good post.

    • David thanks for commenting. I love writing these reviews and if someone does buy it is their choice. I hate pushy sales people (I also hate those who ignore you!).

      As for distracted, so did I and I was writing it. There is so many little quirks that putting them together was like doing a jigsaw puzzle. But that’s the irreverence of the tales and what makes them so much fun.

  8. Well I have to admit I couldn’t help but read the post after you mentioned something about a book being categorized as a romantic steampunk fantasy adventure – with dragons! lol I was like what the fudge what a crazy mix that is. BTW loved hitchhikers guide to the fantasy. So after reading your tempting review I really want to see whats in the books now. Think I might read them on my day off. The link you provided wouldn’t load for me at the end. Could you please give me the link to the books on amazon so that I can purchase them for my kindle! Much appreciated.

    • In Hobart there is a Transport Museum. Once a month the steam train is fired up and takes people on a journey along the rail line. So Steam Punk appeals to me.

      I am in the process of putting in the Kindle link. Unfortunately like all other links, I am following instructions that don’t seem to work for me. But I will conquer. I will let you know when I succeed.

      Thanks for commenting and I look forward to meeting you again.

  9. You caught my interest there. I love fantasy and by your words it seems like the books are awesome. I actually have the urge to buy them and read them in the summer vacation. Right now I don’t dare to read anything but school textbooks.
    I added the books to my *to read* list.

    • Thanks Erika. These books are loads of fun. I am reading another of her series, and while they are okay I think they aren’t anywhere as good as the Dragon Blood series. They may have been written for younger. less cynical people than me. Textbooks, boy did I have my fill of them. I still have some and threaten myself with rereading them one day to refresh my memory. Nah! Please visit again as I hope to have more little tales to tell you.

    • Yousseph, thanks for your comment. In Tasmania we have Seahorse World, one of the world’s only seahorse breeding registered for world wide export. They started this to help cut down on the illegal collecting of wild seahorses. Unfortunately it is cheaper for unscrupulous people to still deplete the wild sources. If you ever get here a visit to this place is very worthwhile. Thanks for your comments.

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