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I have been re-reading as many of my science fiction and fantasy books, that are accessible, to catch up on the creatures in these books.  (Most of our books are still packed away until such time our house is finished.)  Some are quite humorous in places and frustrating to its characters in others.

I am going to do a brief overview of the Taken Trilogy.  This is a three book (obviously) tale of a collection of beings kidnapped from their various planets, the last one being our earth.  Far from earth several human and extra-terrestrials escape.  They find other beings who help them out, searching the spiral arms of the galaxy.  All to bring them home to earth and the various other planets involved.

All in all it is an engaging tale and, as I have read it several times, well worth a second read.

Taken Trilogy

Lost and FoundThe Taken trilogy by Alan Dean Foster is the one I am re-reading now.  It is a rollicking saga with one human, one dog and an assortment of creatures from Alan’s imagination.  No alien is in the human (or canine) shape as are so many in other stories.  In fact some of the alien physique is really hard to picture – though good fun trying to.

As Alan writes about his protagonist “…he had reached the point where he no longer thought of any alien as particularly alien”.  I believe it’s a shame that the same attitude can’t be adopted elsewhere!

The Light-Years Beneath My FeetThe story revolves around the intergalactic trade in unusual commodities where the commodities are unwilling citizens of many worlds.  It is fun, imaginative and thought provoking. It presents a group of extremely diverse mix of human, canine and multi-universe beings who generally co-operate to overcome adversity.Candle of Distant Earth

It probably doesn’t mean to have a moral. (I can’t mind read so maybe Alan does mean to give a moral, playful or otherwise).  However it does point out that when you are in the position to get what you wanted you might not want it any more!

Make your own mind up

As usual my review is not going to be more detailed as I don’t want to spoil any tales.  I just want to titivate you into thinking and getting hold of Taken via Booktopia, for Australian readers.  While there check out Alan’s other books as he has written many good entertaining novels.

Any observations, critiques, suggestions or thoughts you may have about this post would be very welcome.  And I would love to know if you have read them and what your opinion is.




  1. Hello Hellen, Just a quick note to tell you that you have such an awesome site! I know someone who enjoys sci-fi, and I will share it with him. Thank you!

    • Toni, share it with one and all and I hope they comment too. There is nothing better than ‘talking’ with like minded souls. Thanks for your comment and sorry this response is so late but please feel to visit my site as often as you like and find new information as I post it. Just checked your site and found you were MsMoneyHoney in disguise.

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