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Helen telling Matilda the possum about science fiction addictionThis is about my Science Fiction Addiction
and Me, Myself and I

Helen: creator of Love Science Fiction
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Hi guys, in the Canadian non-specific gender way, Helen here.  I would like to tell you something of myself and my love of fantasy and science fiction.  As you can see I have already rehearsed telling this true tale with Matilda, the orphan possum who loves to jump on my head and pee down my back!

I believe I became fanatical about fantasy when I was a young child being read to by my mum and dad out of books such as Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and the Narnia series.  (None of those see Spot run type books!)

Growing up with Reading Versus Schooling

As I aged (gracefully I must confess) into high school I tended towards learning maths and sciences.  At this point the fantasy frenzy shifted and expanded, starting to include science fiction.  And I became a science fiction addict.  Actually between Narnia, Prydain, the Land of Oz, Middle Earth and the World of King Arthur, I am actually surprised I finished high school.  I then went to the University of British Columbia (affectionately known as UBC) where I had a super time for two years , didn’t do much study and then decided to work and travel.

My Obsession

Every time I entered a book store I ended up in front of the science fiction and fantasy book section. Often I would say to myself “no science fiction and or fantasy this time”.  And guess what – out I would walk with at least one book, and most often more, in this genus of book. This conversation became more heated as my collection reached the hundreds of books.  But it never works and I suppose you could say I always win the fight to buy what I really wanted, fantasy and science fiction.  By the way I do actually have other books lost somewhere in the depths of my bookcases!

I especially love some humour and tongue in cheek included in each book and have a number of favourite authors who manage this very well.  Quite often I find I something that leaves me rolling in the aisles, usually against the critics reviews.  One such book is David Brin’s ‘The Practice Effect’.  I found a review that derided this book, but who cares as I loved it.  I suppose the point here is to forget the critics, read the book and make your own judgement.

I find that often when I meet people who really immerse themselves in the science fiction and fantasy worlds, that I would like to recommend books to them but often these have disappeared off the shelf (being of an age almost as old as me). Currently I am exploring the eBook world to see if some have become available electronically. One can live in hope and I have found some.

What happened to inspire me to plunge in and do my own website.  By great good fortune and incredible luck I found a group and community that allows people (me in this case) to learn to build a website and have fun along the way

Have Fun Creating a Website And You Don’t Need to Use Code; You Can Just Type

Strawbale house

Currently my partner and I are building a straw bale house.  This is a long process because it is very weather dependent.  As a result I often have periods of non-building. So one day I was idly surfing the web when I noticed one of those obvious scam sites. You know the ones – learn here and earn thousands almost straight away.  Yeah right who’s going to believe that!

But it did give me an idea so I started by taking that site and seeing if it was posted on the web as a scam. You bet it was!  But the originator of that ‘this is a scam’ post had a website where he talked about the community that he belonged to, a group called Wealthy Affiliate.  He didn’t push it just commented on it. I hate pushy sales people.

He brought up two points. Firstly there was no way you would make a fortune in a very short time and if a website promised this, you could be sure it was a scam.  This confirms what any thinking person knows.

The second thing he mentioned was that Wealthy Affiliate offered the first 10 lessons free so you could trial before you buy.   Right away my attention was caught.    There was a limited number of days to complete these but it sure isn’t hard to satisfy this condition.

At the end of the free lessons I had a website and a topic (niche) that I am very comfortable with.  And this website is it.  And every day I work when I want to, and believe me it is addictive.  Now and then I look out my window and this is one of my ‘work’ day views.From my computer window

A lot of people think they can’t achieve this but believe me you can do almost anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it!  If you would like to read more on this have a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

Just remember to have fun creating a website based on your favourite, or second favourite and so on, niche.  At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn stuff that will give you a great result and create a potential earning platform if you so desire.  Part of this stuff you will learn is how best to create your website’s content.

One very useful bit of information that goes hand in hand with Wealthy Affiliate is a keyword research platform called Jaaxy.   Keywords are a huge part of the way I built this website so take a look and see how Jaaxy can and will help you if you do decide to have some fun with a website.

About Helen a Summary

On my website I am trying to present information on the realm of science fiction and fantasy in a easy, approachable way so that you can find what you need without much effort.

As my website progresses and more is published I find I look very forward to the comments and reviews I am getting from the wide world of internet patrons.   I certainly would like to hear from you interesting people both why you like or dislike my website so I can make it as friendly to you, my visitor, as possible.




  1. I like your site and am in awe of how well organized it is. You have put a lot of work in it. I agree that science fiction has been a predictor of the future. I remember the comic strip Dick Tracy and the wrist watch phone and video. And now we have it. I am a member of WA and feel you present it very well. They are a truly good place to learn internet marketing / blogging. Thanks for the follow. visit my site trulygoodlife.com.

    • Ray, thanks for your compliments. I am usually totally unorganised so they, in respect to my site, are very welcome. When my mum was sick, I went back to Canada to help dad. The first Christmas back (my first organising one alone too) I was so organised that Christmas as boring. So I decided to skip the organisation and just make sure everything comes together in the end.

      I think Sci Fi is still a precursor to new inventions but so many of these are just tweaks on existing one that it is hard to keep track.

      And I liked Dick Tracy too!


  2. Helen,
    I love your website and believe nothing drives advances more than Sci Fi. Great job and looking forward to visiting your site often. jay

    • Jay, thanks for your very nice comment. For people to create sci fi tales I believe they must have very curious, far reaching and often weird imaginations. If you look at life prior to the 20th century who else would imagine space travel, deep underwater exploration, TVs and other modern devices. Witchcraft they would say. Or just plain impossible!

      I am so glad you will be coming back to visit and look forward to it.


  3. Hello Helen, i had just wrote you a very long comment and accidentally hit the back button and lost it all. (Oops)

    I still want to leave a comment, but now I don’t have time to rewrite everything again. Not to mention even rembering what i wrote.

    I will say this. You have a great website, great content and reveiws. I look forward to following you and reading pages and posts.

    I will follow you on WA as well.

    Lets keep in touch. I love sci-fy

    Kinda Bush

    • Well I am glad to see I am not the only one who does this and boy is it frustrating. The second time around the comment just doesn’t work as well!

      Thanks for this second try and I look forward to your revisits. I am already following you on WA and I hope you are doing well and fulfilling some of your bucket list.


  4. Hello Helen,

    You have a great story going on there. We also like science fiction and have been reading the Red Rising Trilogy. Do you know it? If not you should check it out.
    We love that house you are building with your partner, it really is amazing and we must say, we are a little envious 😛 hehehe.
    Good luck with everything you do.

    • P & R, I just took a look at Red Rising. It looks like a must read. Have you got a book affiliate anywhere? I could buy it through your site when I do buy it.

      Let me know.


  5. I sure enjoyed reading about you, Helen. I like some science fiction at times. I enjoyed Star Trek Voyageur and The Next Generation. I never had time to really get deep into it like Deep Space Nine, lol. You really have a fantastic way to present your interest. I really like your niche. You really set up a beautiful site in such a short time. Great job!

    • Jen, now that’s one of the possums your dogs would love. She was pretty quick though so should have escaped. Unless your dogs climb trees!

      Yes Star Trek is a classic. Other early ones I really liked where Blake’s 7 and Logan’s run. I guess that really dates me.

      Thanks for visiting and will see you around the traps.


  6. Wow, lady, you could be my soul mate. I love you alread and everything you write.

    • Well Linda, I read some very odd things at times. If I write on these I hope you are as odd as I am and like the writings.


  7. Hi Helen!
    I am impressed by your site already. Sci Fy and fantasy are what I ‘cut my teeth’ on as a child as my mom was always into a book and the only way to really get her attention was to join her, so of course I did and have been in love with books ever since! Your about me page is very informative and funny, but I tend to agree with a previous comment that the WA blurb should be located elsewhere. It feels a little selly to have it in your introduction. Just my two cents as we say here in the US.
    Keep up the good work!

    • I am going to rethink the WA blurb location but so far most people recommend putting it in the About page. I have my thinking cap on but I believe it is shrinking and restricting my thoughts! Thanks for this comment.

      Did you like little Matilda, so called because she road on my back as in the song Waltzing Matilda. A matilda is a swag (like a backpack). The only difference is that the swag wouldn’t have peed down my back. The washing machine went constantly until she left ‘home’. Now that is funny now but not so much at the time.

  8. Hi Helen,
    I’m fascinated by your straw bale house and pet possum as much as your website 🙂 I have to admit, I haven’t really ventured into the realm of science fantasy since I read the Narnia series with my son some 20+ years ago. But he has remained a huge fan. I’m a voracious reader, and recently my son has been encouraging me to give science fantasy another try. I think I will try several of your suggestions and see where that takes me. I need to broaden my horizons.

    I’ve enjoyed my visit to your site. All the best!

    • Linda, great to hear from you. I still read the Narnia books, 50 years after my first read of them! When you do start read fantasy again I suggest you take a look at Alan Dean Foster’s Spellsinger series. It is a fun read with lots of humorous bits and a relaxing read. (I love lots of humour in my reading as the world is too serious these days.)

      Once you get going if you want any information or reviews of books please let me know as I want to expand my reading list too.

      Have a great day.


  9. I like the bring back the fading away interest in reading, which I am guilty of. Movies and TV series are taking over attention of many a previous reader. I love science fiction, both historical and futuristic. I used to be the only person in the fiction section of the library during exam time because I could stop reading even under pressure. Sadly I have become lazy of late. Thanks for this kind of site which revives my interest to find some books to read.

    • The negative influence of movies and TV is that it really narrows the scope of our imagining the story. With a book your imagination can run free. I would bet that the two of us could read the same book and see it in very different lights. Book clubs allow each individual to express how they saw the book and really allow a widening of enjoyment.

      Thanks for your comment and I look forward to more of them in the future.


  10. Helen… love your site and Sy Fy / Fantasy, too. Heck, I even like POSSUMS (bless Matilda’s heart for initiating you with her urine). There is so much to explore here (and ORDER). In the words of You know who… “I’ll be BACK”.

    • Loretta, yes Matilda was a bit cheeky. When she arrived I got a local career in to get advice. She showed me how to gently avoid this situation with physical stimulation and a sink. It never worked. Life often works that way. However she was a lovely little thing. She protected me from my partner if he came near, not that he was intending to ‘interfere’ with me! Blood was often produced; his not hers. Talk about possessive.

      It’s great that I have provided you with something you like and I look forward to your visits. Helen

  11. Hi Helen

    your website is just terrific
    I think you will have return visitors galore

    your description about your purpose is really a great read until you get to the WA blurb, so personally I don’t think you need it

    i have been reading Susan Green an Aussie writer and she sets her fantasy tales in Castlemaine which is where live, i started buying the novels for a 10 year girl (daughter of my cousin) so thought I should see what they were like.

    Have you heard of this writer? …. she has 3 novels

    • Kerrie, thanks for your comment. Hopefully your comment on return visitors is an accurate prediction. No I haven’t heard of Susan so I just looked her up on the net. Anyone who writes a book called ‘Possum Charmers” sounds like fun. She should come down here and have a meal, closely watched through the glass door, by our current charmed possum! And so I will in the future chase up one of her books and have a read. As to the comment on the WA section, I haven’t a WA promotional website but can provide a link for those who comment to access to check WA out. This way I can help them if they want to go down ‘the building a website’ path and I also get credit for introducing them. The advantage is that people who aren’t very computer savvy can get heaps of help along the way. Also I went and had a quick look at your website and am glad I can tell you we have a family or Tassie Wedgetails and a family of Grey Goshawks (who are very white!)living in close proximity to us.

  12. I also love fantasy based stories. Even though they are derived from a normal form once, the fantasies itself is so crazily amusing and fun to read. For instance, you can’t just pop a dragon in a non-fictional writing, but you can use that imagination in fictional stories. I agree that everybody has their specific genre that they are good at, and it is really amazing what you have done for yourself by writing fantasies.

    • H Lemar, thanks for you comment. I tried to find you at WA but only got a Gravatar site so couldn’t really get to know you. You certainly hit the nail on the head with the imagination bit. And as everyone’s imagination is different each person gets a different perspective on the story. I don’t actually write fantasies myself but avidly read they. I might try my hand at writing one day but every time I come up with an idea I find someone else has beaten me to it. I hope you come back and visit again as I am currently writing a number of posts so there will be something different for you there.

  13. Hi Helen –

    Just curious to know which authors you feel combine humor and sci-fi best.

    I’ve enjoyed some authors in this genre such as Terry Prathett, but I really enjoy Douglas Adams. Pity he is no longer with us – but he has left behind a cult that will fondly remember the number 42 for decades to come!


    • Dennis, nice to hear from you. I will have to think about your question as I am finding more and more that the humour is usually linked up with fantasy these days. Douglas Adams you bet. David Brin does have some link between the two.

      I will certainly look into this in a future comment. Keep in touch.

      • Hey Dennis, I am reviewing my sight and have some further suggestions re comedy. Generally these are in Fantasy but some elements of Science Fiction do occur. One of my favourites is Tanya Huff. Her Keeper and the Smoke and (the titles fill in here) series. Recently I have bulldozed my way, at full steam, through a new author (to me) that is a mix of three genres, Steampunk Romance, Fantasy and Adventure.
        I love finding these series as by the time I do I can read from beginning to end. And these are really fun stories. So have a look at them as you might agree with me.

  14. Hi, Helen, your website has extra-ordinary features, love the concentration in science fiction romance. Your ability to give a sneak peek into some of the books you read will keep your audience eyes peeled to your website. I love your website

    • Glen, I don’t know if it is old age but I seem to grab more of this type of Sci Fi as I go on. But I do keep in touch with most of the family in science fiction and fantasy. Thanks very much for your comments.

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