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Comic fantasy, what is it?

I have been researching the different sub-genres of fantasy and come to the conclusion that it is a convoluted puzzle.

When fantasy became a subset of fiction the separation of fantasy types was pretty straightforward as there were few.  Nowadays it has subsets within subsets so many tales have a mix of types.

Therefore this page will grow and grow and grow.  And when I get all the sub-genres listed more will probably have been coined.

As the page grows new subsets will be posted and then slotted into the list alphabetically.

Comic Fantasy

For starters though I will write about comic fantasy, a firm favourite of mine.

Comic fantasy is exactly as it’s name implies. It can vary from hilariously funny fantasy to droll, dry wit. Comic fantasy often follows punning or parody content but straight humour also is significantly present.

A master of comedy in fantasy is Piers Anthony. His series are full of puns and fun. Two of his series, “Incarnations of Immortality” and the “Xanth” series are almost nonstop puns.

Terry Pratchett also turns his pen to puns in his “Discworld” books along with the parodies in same.

Schitzophrenic satanA good parody combines several versions of reality including actual, potential and pretended. The definition of parody ranges through a lampoon, a satire, a spoof and mockery just to mention a few. It has to balance between these from funny to biting.

Tanya Huff exhibits some of these in her “Keepers” series. After all Hell is schizophrenic and argues with itself constantly.

Monty Python’s parody film “The Holy Grail” is a skilful portrayal of the quest of King Arthur’s knights to find this grail. The spinoff “Spamalot”, loosely connected to the film  is also masterfully done.

Although comic fantasy is itself a subclass of fantasy it often contains elements of other genres, for example low fantasy.

Generally speaking, as everyone has their own idea of fun, many fantasy and science fiction books contain some element of humour that appeals to different people.


The next subset Juvenile Fantasy with others to follow.

One of these soon to follow will be Urban Fantasy, another love of mine with great authors such as Charles de Lint.

Depending on the amount of information on each topic I might even get two types in some posts.  After all who knew there were so many types.

A ‘fantasy tree’ page has commenced growing with accompanying fantasy lists pages.  The interconnections of today will be shown along with those I discover within future research.

As I unearth further information on each subset the ones already listed will be updated.  So keep in touch.

Please comment on this page and add any genre you know about.  Maybe I haven’t found it yet.

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  1. Good article with a fine description of comic fantasy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    • Charley, I have come up with a number of things since this post. And I have discovered something too. Fantasy is almost impossible to sort out. The different genres intermingle so much that it takes time to actually define the ones in a single story. However I will continue to strive towards this end and hopefully my mistakes will be humorous!

  2. Hello Helen!

    You have a great layout for your website- its very captivating. You have posted a lot of fresh, relevant content that shows your interest and passion in your genre.

    It is refreshing to know that adding your personal story within your posts add credibility and first hand experience for your visitors.

    I’ll be looking forward to more posts and updates from your site. Best wishes to you Helen!


    • Wayne, sorry for the delay in responding. I am doing an eReader review and am finding lots of inconsistencies in the information. I am glad you like the layout. I have a banner to install soon so have another look at the site later. My personal story photo shows my orphan possum Matilda (named after the song). She’s grown up now and back in the bush. See you later and thanks for the comment.

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