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25 Plus Books I have read for my Urban Fantasy Book List

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I have started to sort out the fantasy books I have both read and that fall under this genre for my Urban Fantasy book list.  And you can bet this list will keep on growing.  I am of an age now that urban fantasy really appeals.  I am past my era of deep and meaningful reading!

Urban Fantasy fascinates me. I suppose that stems from childhood when the ‘beast under the bed‘ scared the daylights out of me.  Urban fantasy at its best even though I wouldn’t, at the age, have named it thus.

Urban Fantasy characters from legend and lore

My father had several books based on the lore of various countries.  One of my favourites was ‘Redskin Morning’ by Joan Grant.  Published in 1944, it can only be found by stealthy research on the internet or possibly in well hidden second hand book stores.  ‘Redskin  Morning’ was tales of the North American native people.  These tales were wonderfully full of lore and spirits.

Urban Fantasy has borrowed these spirits along with ones from other countries and intermingled them with newly created beings and elemental beings of earth, sir, fire and water.  There are spirits and pranksters as per Charles de Lint’s tales, supernatural beings such as Bram Stokers Dracula and a diverse mix of otherworld characters existing side by side with the ‘real’ world.

And there is even a schizophrenic Satan who argues with himself (themselves?)!

Urban Fantasy the List

Book Comment Author Published.
War of the Worlds Urban = London; Fantasy = Mars.  A very good and enjoyable older book HG Wells 1898
Moonheart Excellent Read Charles de Lint 1980
Into the Out Of Very Good Read Alan Dean Foster 1986
Magic Kingdom of Landover Fun Books Terry Brooks 1986 – 2009
To the Vanishing Point Very Good Read Alan Dean Foster 1988
Vickie Nelson Series (TV series Blood Ties) Adult vampire Reads Tanya Huff 1991 – 1997
Newford Series Mostly Excellent Charles de Lint 1993 – 2009
Vampire Hunter (1 – 6) Started well became boring, stopped reading Laurell K Hamilton 1993 – 2008
Bride of  the Rat God Surprisingly good read Barbra Hambly 1994
Neverwhere Through the world under London Neil Gaiman 1996
Harry Potter Series Yikes almost forgot HP!  Good books, better than the movies JK Rowling 1997 – 2007
Keepers Chronicles Lots of fun Tanya Huff 1998 – 2003
Faerie Tale A gripping read Raymond Feist 1998
Dresden Files What can I say – very good Jim Butcher 2000 – 2014
Women of the Underworld Ditto above Kelley Armstrong 2001 – 2012
Sookie Stackhouse Series  (TV series True Blood) A down to earth heroine Charlaine Harris 2001 – 2013
Smoke Series Very enjoyable fantasy Tanya Huff 2004 -2006
The Mystique Trilogy A bit mystic but fun Traci Harding 2005 – 2008
Cal Leandros Series Gritty and dark reading Rob Thurman 2006 – 2011
The Mortal Instruments An easy read, a bit young Cassandra Clare 2007 * 2014
The Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising Trilogies A hint of her Underworld series.  Looks like they will mesh. Kelley Armstrong 2008 – 2013
Enchantment Emporium Now this is a great book to get absorbed in! Tanya Huff 2009
Hyddenworld Spring The gem of spring is lost William Horwood 2010
The Infernal Devices An easy read, a bit young Cassandra Clare 2010 – 2013
A Discovery of Witches I really liked the two I have read. Deborah Harkness 2011 – 2014
The Dirty Streets of Heaven Tad writes a mean tale.  Bobby needs whacking sometimes. I guess that means the book enthrals. Tad Williams 2013
Happy Hour in Hell Tad Williams 2014
Sleeping Late On Judgement Day Tad Williams 2014.
The War of  the Flowers Also a dark fairy tale. Tad Williams 2014

Urban Fantasy the Living Book List

I believe these stories appeal as they are so plausible.  I have read quite a few and have begun a list of these.  This is a ‘living document’ and will be updated as I continue to read (or remember the books I have read in  the past) and as books are recommended to me in comments made by you, my site visitors.

There are so many choices of these books out there and sometimes they don’t find  their way into our Tasmanian, or even Australia in general, book stores.  I often have to find a new author to follow by looking at the covers of book.  Alas that is a poor way to choose.  Some of the best books I have read don’t have cover illustrations.

So believe me your comments, likes and dislikes are very welcome.  From them I can find a whole new world of authors and books.  So please do name your favourite books and nicely suggest to me that I would enjoy reading them with a brief description so I can whet my appetite.



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