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SN850354-minA Litany of Stories

Juvenile Fantasy and Science Fiction is an ever evolving litany of stories. Beginning with fairy tales, through the Wizard of Oz and its ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and continuing up to now and uniting more and more additional aspects of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Many juvenile fantasy books were read to me by my parents in the evening on dark moonlit winter evenings as in the summer no-one stayed inside.

I commenced my list of juvenile fantasy with books (not all) that I have read or had read to me from my early childhood.  It is amazing how many of the earlier ones are still very popular today.

On the other hand, some that were fantastic, have disappeared.

As or if I remember other good books I will add them as time progresses.  I did my sums and figured out I have read at least one juvenile fantasy for each month of my life.  This plus the average of one per week of every other type of fantasy or science fiction book.  Not bad statistics if you are a reader!

And the reading of the stories go on during the year in fine weather and on dark moonlit evenings.

Juvenile Fantasy and Science Fiction a Dark & Stormy SkyBy voraorn courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

And the List Goes On

A list of other recommended (by friends and acquaintances from far and near) will be added to the list of juvenile fantasy and science fiction . I have already added a few more books to this list and will continue to do so once I read more of them or remember the ones I have read many years ago.

Books marked with one asterisk (*) have other fantasy types within  them and those that have fallen out of favour and publication are marked with two asterisks (**).  Any that were published under different titles are marked with three asterisks (***).  Titles noted are British publications.

I am sure there are many other juvenile fantasy and science fiction tales and I would love to hear your suggestions.  I am always looking for new writers, tales and movies so I can plunge into their imaginations.

Book Title Author Year Published
The Little Mermaid* Hans Christian Andersen 1837
The The Emperors New Clothes* Hans Christian Andersen 1837
The Ugly Duckling Hans Christian Andersen 1843
The Snow Queen* Hans Christian Andersen 1844
Water Babies illustration Jessie Willcox SmithThe Water Babies* Charles Kingsley 1863
The White Rabbit John TennielAlice in Wonderland* Lewis Carroll 1865
Through the Looking-Glass* Lewis Carroll 1871
The Jungle Book* Rudyard Kipling 1894
WW DenslowThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz* L Frank Baum 1900
The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame 1908
Peter Pan and Wendy JM Barrie 1911
The Story of Doctor Doolittle Hugh Lofting 1920
The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle Hugh Lofting 1922
Doctor Doolittle’s Post Office Hugh Lofting 1923
Doctor Doolittle’s Circus Hugh Lofting 1924
Doctor Doolittle’s Zoo Hugh Lofting 1925
Doctor Doolittle’s Caravan Hugh Lofting 1926
Winnie the Pooh AA Milne 1926
Doctor Doolittle’s Garden Hugh Lofting 1927
Doctor Doolittle in the Moon Hugh Lofting 1928
The House at Pooh Corner AA Milne 1928
Doctor Doolittle’s Return Hugh Lofting 1933
Mary Poppins* PL Travers 1934
The Hobbit* JRR Tolkien 1937
The Sword in the Stone* TH White 1938
The Queen of Air and Darkness* *** TH White 1939
The Ill-Made Knight* TH White 1940
Doctor Doolittle and the Secret Lake Hugh Lofting 1948
Doctor Doolittle and the Green Canary Hugh Lofting 1950
The Golden Pinecone* ** Catherine Anthony Clark 1950
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe* CS Lewis 1950
Prince Caspian* CS Lewis 1951
Doctor Doolittle’s Puddleby Adventures Hugh Lofting 1952
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader* CS Lewis 1952
The Horse and His Boy* CS Lewis 1953
The Silver Chair* CS Lewis 1954
The Fellowship of the Ring* JRR Tolkien 1954
The Two Towers* JRR Tolkien 1954
The Return of the King* JRR Tolkien 1955
The Magician’s Nephew* CS Lewis 1955
The Candle in the Wind* TH White 1958
The Last Battle* CS Lewis 1956
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen* Alan Garner 1960
The Moon of Gomrath* Alan Garner 1963
The Book of Three* Lloyd Alexander 1964
The Black Cauldron* Lloyd Alexander 1965
Dune* Frank Herbert 1965
Over Sea, Under Stone* Susan Cooper 1965
The Castle of Llyr* Lloyd Alexander 1966
Taran Wanderer* Lloyd Alexander 1967
The High King* Lloyd Alexander 1968
Red Moon and Black Mountain* ** Joy Chant 1970
Watership Down* Robert Adams 1972
The Dark is Rising* Susan Cooper 1973
Greenwitch* Susan Cooper 1974
The Grey King* Susan Cooper 1975
Silver on the Tree* Susan Cooper 1977
The Book of Merlyn* TH White 1977
The Neverending Story* Michael Ende 1979
The Thief Of Always* Clive Barker 1992
Only You Can Save Mankind* Terry Pratchett 1992
Johnny and the Dead* Terry Pratchett 1993
Johnny and the Bomb* Terry Pratchett 1996
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone* *** J. K. Rowling 1997
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets* J. K. Rowling 1998
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban* J. K. Rowling 1999
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire* J. K. Rowling 2000
The Magicians’ Guild- Black Magician Trilogy* Trudi Canavan 2001
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents* Terry Pratchett 2001
The Novice- Black Magician Trilogy* Trudi Canavan 2002
Eragon Christopher Paolini 2002
The High Lord- Black Magician Trilogy* Trudi Canavan 2003
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix* J. K. Rowling 2003
The Wee Free Men* Terry Pratchett 2003
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince* J. K. Rowling 2005
Eldest* Christopher Paolini 2005
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows* J. K. Rowling 2007
Brisingr* Christopher Paolini 2008
Inheritance* Christopher Paolini 2011
The Dragons of Ordinary Farm* Tad Williams & Deborah Beale 2009
The Secrets of Ordinary Farm* Tad Williams & Deborah Beale 2012


  1. Hi Helen,

    First off, I love your site and there is a lot of things to explore here. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of reading fiction, not because I don’t like them but due to the fact that I find it very hard to read.

    Yeah, I am one of those people who prefer to watch the movie based on the plot of famous books. Maybe my mind is accustomed to visuals or I am just too lazy.

    However, when it comes to personal development books and spiritual ones, I love to read them..I finish them even if it takes more than a month.

    Funny that I love writing and I am also working on a fictional book, so I think I must get into reading now in order to some good ideas about fictional writing skills and I will choose some books from your list to read soon.

    • Hari, thanks for commenting. I too read a lot of non-fiction but I use fantasy and science fiction as a break from reality. After all, in a few years it might become reality. The science fiction at least.

      Because I do read so much I tend to not watch the movies as they do change the plot, sometimes quite a lot. (Oh look I am now a poet!) However as you don’t read you don’t need to compare.

      What is the book you are working on. I would love to know.

      Why do you find it hard to read. You just don’t like to or something else. Maybe I can help.

      Again thanks and

  2. Great list.

    It’s funny (and very telling of the impact these books have) that simply reading the titles can bring a smile to my face.

    • Craig, it doesn’t just bring a smile to my face. I have to dig them out and reread them!

      Sorry for the length of time responding but my right hand is on strike at the moment. But I am slowly soldiering on.


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