Labyrinth Tree of Fantasy


Tree of Fantasy

What a tangled web is the Fantasy Tree.  The more I read the more convoluted it gets.  So I am building a tree.  My list is far from complete but this tree will grow and grow.  I will progress in steps and with pictures.

If you would please add any genre you know about.  Maybe I haven’t found it yet.


The first growth on the tree.





  1. Love sci fi and fantasy also. See my recent blog bout infinite possibilities accessible from my profile, I love alternate worlds, dimensional travel, universe quirks and the like.

    • Michael, thanks for your visit. I always thought I was born far too early. I would have loved to travel the universe and explore impossible things. Now off to your other profile to read your blog.


  2. There is Sci Fi. There is Fantasy.
    I often have the discussion that I either should like Sci-Fi or Fantasy separately which I completely disagree with. I have love for both and there is a genre that combines both elements: Science Fantasy.

    • Dira, I am almost embarrassed that you found this page. My tree is very stunted at the moment. I can’t quite create it as I want to. I must get to work on it. I too disagree with the individual theory. After all so many tales have a combination of both genres. As for the name of this combination, well it’s pretty arbitrary isn’t it?

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