Love to Read in the Bath Tub!


Have you ever read your book in the bath tub?Read in the Bathtub with Kobo's waterproof eReader

Well I love to read in the bathtub and often do. And I spend so much time in the bath as it is so relaxing, I have to keep adding hot water. Generally there is not much hot water left when I finish as there is nothing worse than a cold bath.

Have you ever dropped your book in the bath tub and tried to catch it before it hit the water? Have you ever spilt your wine on the floor in the midst of this?

What a waste of wine but you won’t have  to worry about wine wastage with this eReader!

The Solution, the Waterproof Kobo eReader

The solution to this potentially drenching problem is to purchase yourself a new Kobo Aura H2O eReader, the waterproof way to read.  (And it is easier to hold than a book.)

Product Specifics

Product: Kobo Aura H2O eReader
Cost: Range $230.00 – $240.00 Australian Check for Current Price
Pros: Light to hold, easy on the eyes and water and dust proof.
Cons: None that I can name since it’s a comfortable reading device.
Other products:  Until recently this was the only waterproof eReader on the market. Other brands have waterproof covers available.  With Kobo’s Aura H2O you don’t need one.  In September/October 2016 Kobo released a second waterproof, high end, product onto the market. A review of this eReader, the Aura One, will be posted very soon.
Rank: 9 ½ out of 10
Guarantee: Limited one year warranty
Specifications: Check out product specifications

I am already the owner of a Kobo Auro eReader and really love it.  Yes there are a lot of reviews on the internet on the pros and cons of one company’s eReader versus another’s.  These are only the individual opinions of people and for them these pros and cons are absolute.  So I am not going to compare devices. If you wish to wade (look more water) through a comparison check out Wikipedia.

I believe if you feel comfortable with an eReader the fine tuning often isn’t necessary.  At my age I am interested in good, clearly presented reading material.  Luckily I have good glasses and these, with my eyes, work very well with my Aura eReader.  And all of the Kobo eReaders on the market today, including the H2O, have a wonderful front light system that doesn’t shine directly into my eyes.  I have no trouble with my eReader having its funny little quirks as it happens only rarely. And as I do love reading in the tub my next Kobo will be the Aura H2O; a marvellous (or should I say awesome) eReader.

Worry Free Reading while Relaxing in the Tub.
(Or for that matter trekking in the desert.)H2O in the desert

Ever since I can remember I have loved having a quick shower to get clean and then sitting in my claw foot bathtub to relax. While relaxing I have my glass of wine in one hand, a book in the other and often a treat within reach.  I have often caught my breath when a book slipped but fortunately have never yet dropped one.  This has saved my wine, or other beverage, for me to drink.

(As for the trekking, I haven’t done that in the great Australian Outback for a long while.  EReaders weren’t around then but the H2O in spite of its name also handles the rigours of dust!)

In Water

Now with the new Aura H2O, there is something that will stop the angst if the eReader is  dropped into the bath tub, or the toilet like some people do with their phones etc.  (It’s hard to picture that one!)  It is waterproof for up to 30 minutes.  Since I don’t plan on leaving it submerged or submerging myself for that period of time (I don’t think I can hold my breath that long and I don’t own a snorkel) to read  once I purchase this device I will be safe forever more when reading in the tub.  Ps: except for the additional wrinkles.

In the Desert and on the BeachSurfing Kobo, the H2O way.

In addition if you are in a dust storm in the middle of the desert, on the beach or near ploughed agricultural ground (when the wind is blowing) the Kobo Aura H2O is dust and proof. And when you are a beach bunny, sand – no problem. As soon as you get out of the storm or off the beach jump in the tub and while reading rinse off the eReader. Kobo provides a special drying cloth with this eReader .

The attributes and features of the Kobo eReader can be viewed on the ‘Why Buy Kobo eReaders‘ Page.

The final Word

All I can add to this is for you to do yourself a really big favour and head from my website over to the Kobo Store, get the eReader and some wonderful reading material. If you are the same as I am about going to the beach and reading (sunbaking is so boring on its own) and my compulsive  ‘I love to read in the bathtub’  attitude (keep adding the hot water), I can see this becoming ‘you like to read in the bath tub’. The Aura H2O is a great little device.

Kobo Australia H2O eReader Kobo eReader buy-button

Then become a beach bunny (or buck)  or take up rugged trekking through the deserts. Then your new H2O eReader can show you its paces.

Once you get your Kobo Aura H2O please give me a brief report via my comment section below.  Write both what you like and also dislike as it would be great to get a good range of your opinions.





  1. Helen, there is a lot of great information and products on your site. I am really crazy about Waterproof Kobo e Reader. What a great idea! I’ll definitely be checking it out!
    Your site is really nice. I like your pages’ layout and the manner you give the information. I’ll definitely follow your posts.
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks for this nice comment. I have a Kobo, but the version before the H2O. Fortunately I am not in the habit of dropping things in the water. But that could change at anytime! It would be wonderful if you could check it out through my site too.

  2. Wow Helen this is a great product! Especially for the beach here in Oz. I would never had known about it if it wasn’t for your blog. I wonder if they do it for iPads too? Cheers, Fiona.

    • Thanks for coming for a visit Fiona. Don’t get to the beach much in Tasmania as that’s for much younger, impervious to cold water people. Yes I am really fond of Kobo eReaders. I have even found out how to download books from other sources as Kobo allows this.

      Funnily enough most people I know who have ruined their non-waterproof devices is because they put them in their back pockets and then, when they fall out it’s usually in a place where they almost get flushed!

      If you have anything you want to know about these and science fiction and fantasy just let me know.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great information about this Waterproof Kobo eReader. It just shows that almost everything in our surroundings including gadgets had made an advancement. Technology keeps changing all the time.

    • From what my partner tells me, he’s in the electronics field, any new item you buy is actually obsolete before it hits the market. Just when you think technology can’t get better it does. I love my eReader but I still love books too.

  4. Awesome article. Really nice site. Great page layout. Best of luck. I will be back to follow your posts.

    • Thanks for the comment on page layout. I am constantly trying to confuse WordPress with my experimentation. Glad to see it’s sort of working!Please do return for a visit. And do you have any suggestions for what you would like to see?

  5. Hi, I like your review. Simple and easy to read and well laid out. It makes me want to buy one. I wonder if there are any other waterproof tablet readers that you could do a comparison with please?

    • Nicola, I did look around for other brands. I don’t know all the names and find it hard to find the time to explore more. I did check out Kindle and they don’t appear to have a waterproof one but this might only be 1) because I like Kobo better and 2) I couldn’t find it in their information! Thanks for your comment and will take a look at your site.

  6. Hi Helen, thanks for the information, never knew about these. Although I am not one of those who sit in baths and read (don’t know about later), I am certain these devices can come in handy in other situations where my books can come in contact with water. This is something I will consider getting.

    • One day you might find the relaxation in a nice hot tub! And that’s a good time to read. Thanks for your comments. I went and had a look at your site and couldn’t find where to comment so left one at WA.

  7. Hi Helen
    What a great idea! I never knew there was a waterproof reader and I will definitely be checking it out. No more soggy pages while reading in the bath!
    I love your website, it’s easy to find information and well laid out. As a sometime reader of science fiction, I will be sure to drop by again soon.

    • I know it’ sheer decadence reading in the bath but if you don’t pamper yourself who else will? I don’t go to beaches much any more but did and these would have been great way back then. Thanks for responding and commenting. I am going to go to your site today and have a look at it.

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