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The Magic of Fantasy and Science Fiction Fantasy with Helen and Katie

There is no two ways about it, I am one of a crowd of people that love science fiction and experience science fiction addiction. There are many wonderful science fiction fantasy authors and it amazes me that so many people out there have no interest in the science fiction and/or fantasy stories they tell.

I find that I can carry out full conversations, with few words, with those I meet who feel the same ! (Actually Katie the cat does not pay any attention to me when I do talk to her.) All you have to do is say “remember the scene where” and the discussion begins in full depth or the laughter starts immediately.

Past Inventions Predict the Future 

Over the years the imagination of many science fiction authors has proven quite valid and their ‘flights of fancy’ now appear in actuality. If you get right down to it Leonardo di Vinci was a specialist in science fiction and look at where his ideas are now.

Past Inventions Predict the FutureAir Travel in the Fifteenth Century

So a new author comes along and writes a tale with, what many people see as outrageous, ideas. Who can guess where these ideas will lead?

The realms of fantasy may never be seen as real but who really cares as they are food to widen your soul and imagination.

True Value of the Fantasy and Science Fiction World

I also find the books I have are rereadable over and over (especially if they have placed a meaningful mark in my imagination).  I get something new out of them every time and expect this is because I read very fast and miss things the first time around. On the subsequent reads I often say to myself, ‘Oh that’s why that happened later in the book’!

I must admit I get real enjoyment out of stories with a trace or even a torrent of humour, the science fiction and fantasy creatures who are developed to show true traits of real animals (cats especially with their inborn arrogance and dogs with their loyalty) and the tales interweaving humans and earth myth.

I hope I will produce a website that will draw you to these thing I like and also that you will share comments with me giving me the story of your likes and dislikes with this genre.  And maybe you too will become addicted to science fiction and fantasy.

I have selected a group of affiliate companies where you can buy Science Fiction and Fantasy in books, hard and soft cover, eReaders, audio and film, hopefully with very few clicks of the mouse! As time passes  I am also arranging to provide toys, artwork, virtual worlds and visual novels.

If you would like to find out more go to and read about me.

The content and layout of my website may change at a whim as I present more and more information. Check out my posts and pages to keep in touch with my magic world of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

See you among the dreams, visions, swords and sorcery and wacky science fiction inventions.




    • Michael thanks for this. I am so far behind with everything I just realised I hadn’t made any responses. Silly me. I will be most happy if people do use this information as so many stories disappear into oblivion and lots of them are really good ones. Cheers and see you around.

  1. I find this site very interesting, enjoyed reading. As time is, I bookmarked for a later return. I love the information you have shared here, again very interesting read. Positives, Chris

    • Thanks Chris for your comment. As I tending to mix up my sequences with both new and old stories I am hoping people do find it interesting. So again thanks. I am working on more and will publish them soon.

  2. Have you read the Elemental Assassin Series by Jennifer Estep ? Excellent series read, and hard to put down…She was my November Author of the month on my site! …Are you a member of WA ?….you asked about the way my site is setup with all my bookstores on one page and how it works for me….I’ve had a lot of compliments on it being that way….but I’m kind of torn for that way or my blog for a landing page….fiction books is a very broad niche to get 1st page rankings and I haven’t got past page 12 YET!

    • I’m delighted you found my site. Yes I am a WA member and I am following you. I find it hard to remember who I am following. I think I can only manage to count on my fingers these days – my brain is cluttered and stuffed full.

      I hadn’t heard of Jennifer before but just had a quick look at her works. Looks like another purchase from Kobo. I will do it through you if I can. Have you read any of Kelley Armstrong’s books. She has several in a series about a hit woman. The first is ‘Exit Strategy’. She writes a good tale.

      Just from learning about how affiliates work I think your way is good as you can link everyone back to one page so “Google” doesn’t get excited over too many affiliate links.

  3. Past inventions predict the future! How true. I’m a lover of sci-fi fantasy myself. My husband has tagged my love for it as “cheesy”. Well then…I LOVE CHEESE! I look at all the futurist candy and know that it either already (secretly) exists, or it will soon…or maybe never; and who cares. Worm holes, teleportation, living on distant galaxies, flying objects using surveillance techniques (see what I mean…already doing it), and the wonderment of fantasy creatures; what is better than that! 🙂

    I just finished reading Debra Chester’s trilogy “The Alien Chronicles” for the 3rd time. I’m still waiting for the movie! Come on Hollywood! Imagine the special effects you could use. 🙂

    Love your site!

    • Sheila, me too. Give me cheese any day. I just looked up Deborah and this series isn’t on Kobo. I can actually buy from Kindle but have to do a fandangle to get it onto my Kobo eReader. But now I will try this out. I will let you know how I find the tales. And as for the past, once you read some of the history it is absolutely amazing on how many modern things have been predicted. Some might be primitive but the others are pretty advanced. Thanks for commenting and giving me another author to chase up.

  4. Hi Helen!
    I’ve found very interesting information on your site. I already bookmarked a few books for reading. I think it is great that you created your website using your passion for science fiction. I’ve also shared your site with my friends! Waiting for the new posts.

    • Zhanna, thanks for your comment. I do try to keep things interesting and tantalising. There is nothing worse than wanting to read a book or see a movie and then having someone who has done either or both telling you all about it. Thanks for sharing my website. I have two posts in the wind so hope to finish them for your reading leisure.

  5. A very good-looking site… Can serve an example. Easily navigated , and interesting content, too..I will still have to do all this…(WA, of course…)

    • I am glad you liked my site Vera and thanks for commenting. I am sure once your site is up and running it will be an interesting read too. Visit me any time and if you have any suggestions for what you would like to read about just let me know. Cheers, Helen

  6. This site is like a history lesson from my favourite History Teacher… such far-ranging topics, all handled with knowledge and passion.

    Although he was bashed by Fantasy aficionados, I’m still a sucker for David Gemmell’s Druss The Legend series. Nothing too deep or complex… just good fun stories.

    Your site is now bookmarked, and I shall be checking back for another lesson soon 🙂

    • Fray, thanks for the David Gemmell suggestion. There are so many authors out there that without suggestions I miss a lot. So now I will go and investigate David. Visit any time. I really appreciate construction comments.

  7. Hi Helen !
    Very interesting Site ! I used to be a very big reader and sci-fi got some that time ! Hoping this works out great for you and I know subjects that you are passionate about make it much easier to work on them. They are also much more engaging for your readers ! Keep up the great work !
    Regards !

    • Mike I am glad you find my site interesting. Now maybe I can inspire you to change that ‘used to be’ to ‘am’! This niche suites me to a T. I have travelled extensively in my life so far. I always spent time browsing science fiction and fantasy sections of book stores and libraries. Always as a matter of interest and also a way of constructively filling in time to wait for excitement to begin. I will welcome any future visit and comments from you.


  8. Hi – Love your site, and yes, I was once a science fiction nut. I grew up in the 60’s, and some of my fav. shows were Lost in Space, and, of course, Star Trek! …Yes.. I was an original Trekkie. lol… But, then … reality tends to set in, and these things took a backseat to reality.
    You’re right about the gadgets though! Even Dick Tracy had the ability to speak to his watch.. lol… Maybe this is why I’m kind of a nut about gadgets.. hmm.. Anyway, your site is interesting and informative, and yes, there are many products – especially art – that allows us to transcend our self-imposed limits. Good Stuff!

    • You Trekkie, Me too! Thanks for your comment I empath with it totally. I think the old shows were the best as the producers etc had to work without modern special effects equipment.

      On the other hand now-a-days we might as well be living Science Fiction with all these new gadgets. Prior to the 20th century people might have burned us all as witches!

      Here’s to new ideas and gadgets.

  9. Oh my nephew will LOVE this site. I am bookmarking it now! Thank you for the list of books. His birthday is around the corner so I might just have to get him one 🙂

    • Rachael, I am sure one of the books on the lists, or maybe, more would suit him. And books are wonderful birthday presents. I do have a Kobo eReader but still really like books better. At least with the eReader I can read at night without 1) getting out of bed and 2) turning the light on as my eReader is set on really low light. No shock to the eyes.

      Thanks for commenting and come for another visit and some potential discussions.


  10. I love what you have written here, you have very similar interests to mine. I would like to add I am also a fan of Warehouse 13, Farscape and such like TV series…there aren’t enough of them. Thanks for your posts!

    • Michael, where do you watch these shows. We don’t seem to get them in Tasmania, unless they are on pay TV. We don’t have this as we read more than we watch TV. However we record as many others as we can and as a bonus we don’t have to watch the ads! Thanks for your comments.

  11. Helen, I just loved your website!! It’s obvious of your genuine love of reading- esp. in the the Science Fiction and Fantasy category. My husband and I love to read also (just about anything). Recently, timewise, we mainly read to our daughter. What with my new job and still doing my stuff online. Keep up the great work!! Really appreciate your efforts. You are an inspiration! Sherry

    • Sherry I love your comment. I too actually read just about anything. No Mills and Boon sort of stuff though unless I am marooned in the bush in the middle of a flood and they are the only books available. As I lived in Queensland bush during the devastating Cyclone Tracy in 1974 I certainly got rained in (although we lived far from Darwin) therefore I have read some of them but not by choice but by boredom.

      If you like reading and haven’t already done so I suggest you get a copy of a book by Gerald Durrell called Rosy is My Relative. It has nothing to do with my website but is a huge laugh. And I will say no more so not to ruin it.

      Please feel free to visit anytime and I look forward to commenting back and forth with you.

  12. Great website Helen…I really enjoyed reading your articles…very informative, I especially like the bit about how past inventions can predict the future…

    Your Review post was very informative, as well…I’ll be back soon…keep up the good work!!


    • Florence thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes it is amazing how much we are discovering now is in fact a repeat. Either of Science Fiction or just plain history. For instance I believe the Chinese had bitumen (or similar) hundreds of years ago. We readers of Science Fiction are often forewarned about potential inventions as the authors have such good imaginations that the actual item can become fact.

  13. Hi, Helen, It´s amazing indeed how things showing up in sci-fi stories, sometimes happen for real ages or even only decades later. For example the tricorder in Startrek and the cell phone since the nineties. I enjoyed watching Startrek as there was no soap type of drama in it. The crew would coöperate to solve problems instead of scheming to create only more. Also loved reading M.K. Wren´s Phoenix Rebellion and the series about the Remillard family by Julian May. Both were so exciting I´d keep reading through the night lol.
    Best of luck with your website!

    • Tessa, you have really hit the nail on the head. I hate the scheming in anything. It is one reason I never watch soap operas or most talk back shows. Boring! Now Julian May is a big favourite of mine. After reading this I went and Googled her. And she is still alive, 85 now, so maybe another book or two will hit the market. I do hope so. Now I must look up MK Wren.

      Thanks for visiting. I must make a list of all the websites I like so I visit them again. My memory won’t stretch quite that far!

  14. Helen,
    Thank you so much for taking me back 3 decades to my teens when I used to read tons of sci-fi stories. They influenced my creativity and imagination, and helped me push the limits of what can be done waaay ahead of many people who had not read any of those stories.
    I don’t know now, but back then in Italy (where I come from) it was mandatory to read classical books at school, things like the Divina Commedia of Dante Alighieri – which could be labelled as sci-fi from a certain point of view 😉 however I think that young people should be made to read books from different kinds of literature, and sci-fi should definitely be one of them.
    I’ll be coming back to check out on your updates.
    Cheers, Alma

    • Alma, thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. Yes I too read Dante and many classics, including many children classics that can only be classified as fantasy. Some are frowned upon now, such as the Water Babies, but when written were on ‘the signs and styles’ of the time.

      I like a big variety of literature so don’t limit myself to this topic. And as long as there is a touch of humour I am hooked.

      See you around and look forward to any return visit and comments.

  15. What a great site for science fiction fans! I know what you mean, I always wonder why people are not interested in the mysteries of the universe! Science Fiction can be so much fun, love it too. It is so much fun to take a vacation from life and go take an adventure somewhere! Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources!

    • You’re welcome Debbie. I often think I must branch out into other literary topics. I go to bookstores, spend an hour or so in them and walk out with, wait for it, science fiction and fantasy books. I must admit though I like my fantasy with sharp edges.

      Taking a vacation from life is a necessary relaxation for me.

      See you around and feel free to visit anytime.\


  16. Hi Helen
    I Love watching the syfy channel on tv, In fact that’s what I watch most of the time. You have given me many great authors and books that I have to read. Thank you so much!

    • Jeremy we don’t subscribe to pay TV so I can’t watch this sort of channel. But it is a certainty if I ever do join up. I watch few movies now as many of them are senseless and boring. Science Fiction and Fantasy can never be boring if it is well done. Confusing yes. Dark yes (ie Blade Runner). I am afraid that some new ones that depend almost totally on special effects do leave me wondering why the movie was made but you can’t win them all. Now sit down and start reading because the list is never ending.

      Thanks for commenting and feel free to come back anytime.


  17. A great article, filled with great content! It definitely shows how much passion you have for all of this. It’s the best thing when you can easily hold a conversation with someone else holding a similar interest! Keep up the great content!

    • It’s funny Jeremiah but years and years ago I watched a movie on our international channel. I believe it was from the Slavic area. It was corny and extremely twisted-ly funny. No one I know could actually explain it to a non-watcher. But just mention it to someone who saw it and even now we end up in hysterical laughter. I love those sort of things.

      Thanks for your comment and I would love to hear from you again.

  18. I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi. My favorite Star Trek series is Voyager and I’m actually watching it through for the ump-teenth time right now. 🙂

    • I loved the original Star Trek series. After that I travelled around so much I didn’t seem to watch very much TV so missed the other series. I did however manage to find a TV to watch all the Dr Who shows! And I even have a Tom Barker scarf to keep me warm. And it does as it is huge!

      Thanks for your comment and I look forward to reading any future ones you may make.


  19. I am proud to say I LOVE Sci-Fi! How can you not?! Star Trek (all), Star Wars, Dr. Who, Galaxy Quest, Avatar–all of it! And it’s not all fantasy–as we know much of it is based on science. Well, I am glad to have read your post and will definitely revisit your site!

    • Lainey, I am delighted you love science fiction. Does that run to fantasy also. I am not bipartisan between the two. It also appears that a lot of science is seemingly based on science fiction. Or those past writers were pretty good prophets!

      Thanks for visiting and see you again soon.


  20. I am quite sure that Katie, your cat, likes science fiction books like you do, Helen. She doesn’t need WORDS, she gets the whole story telepathically, and she is happy to sit in your lap and enjoy the stories together with you. miao…..

    • Well Heidi, she loves them. She takes big bites out of them or sharpens her teeth while shredding them. So far only a few have suffered and I have managed to tape them back together. And nothing we do or have done breaks this habit. In fact if we are reading our Kobo eReaders she sits on them. It takes ages to find out where we were in the book!

      Ciao (to rhythm with miao!)

  21. This seems to be a promising site, Helen. I too enjoy Science Fiction and agree that a lot great inventions can come from it.

    I haven’t gotten to read much of it, to be honest, but I do like to see it on the big screen. You spoke about reading, but do you also enjoy Sci-fi movies, if so which are your favourites?

    P.S. Sci-fi is one of my favourite movie genres because I believe a movie should take you to another world.

    • Kamari, to another world; yes I totally agree. I love escapism that is entertaining, mind stimulating and totally different from the real world. Some movies are really good. I tend to like the old ones better as there is often too many unnecessary special effects and lots of them are now all looking the same. Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, Silent Running and (one of my all time favourites) Close Encounters of the Third Kind – the first release. They made some changes in subsequent releases and cut out a few scenes that, unfortunately for me, left some following scenes completely pointless.

      Don’t get me wrong about new movies. I loved Avatar and as for fantasy the 3D version of Alice with Johnny Dep was captivating even though the critics didn’t like it

      Now all you have to do is get to reading. There are many great stories that have never been made into a movie. Do what I did – get an eReader so you can have a quick read before you go to sleep and you don’t even have to get out of bed to turn the light off. Don’t do what I did last night. I got so engrossed I read until the book was finished. Now I am really tired!

      Thanks for your comment and I look forward to more.

  22. I like the idea of your site. I know the science fiction and fantasy genre is something many people enjoy and has a loyal following. My sister likes fantasy books and movies. Do you enjoy those types of movies as well? I can never seem to get into that type of book but I can see the draw, all the imagination behind it and the fact that anything could really happen. And as you mentioned, what they talk about could possibly predict things in the future…I never thought about that before but it is an interesting point and I can see it to some degree! Good site, many people will benefit from it!

    • Summerly, thanks for dropping in. With fantasy why don’t you try some Urban Fantasy. It combines ‘real’ life with fantasy elements and can be quite cutting. I think it is my favourite category. I do like Science Fiction a great deal too but some of it is really far fetched. The good stuff is, however, fantastic. I would suggest trying Raymond Feist’s Faerie Tale, Charles de Lint’s Moonheart, Tanya Huff’s Keeper series and I am just ploughing my way through Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Women of the Otherworld’ series. Start that series off with Bitten.

      Happy reading and see you around the web.


  23. Hi Helen, Your website is just wonderful! I’ve particularly enjoyed the great list of recommendations. There are many I’m not familiar with so it’s given me some ideas to check out (especially during the upcoming winter months). It made me smile to see the Douglas Adams books. It brought back many memories of the fun times reading them with my boys when they were growing up.
    I’ll definitely be bookmarking your site and stopping back in from time to time!

    • Anita, I am glad you enjoyed my website. If you ever get a chance to listen to the radio play, the original start to this fun, do so. Here is a link but I don’t know how it works or even if I can put it here. Let me try anyway.

      We all like different kinds of stories and I tend to do the ones that remain with me but I am sure there are plenty other ones. If you have any yourself let me know so I can increase my scope of fantasy and science fiction reading.

      And I look forward chatting with you again.

  24. Very nice post. I have to admit, I have yet to read a sci-fi novel although I think I might just give one a try. Any recommendations on which one to start with?

    • Rachel, are you talking of straight scifi or of fantasy too. I have a number of favourites (quite a large number in fact) You might like to start with an Urban Fantasy called the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. In fact I have just finished re-reading this for the umteenth time. As I always start at the beginning of a series when ever I buy the latest book, my first book (in this case Bitten) always looks well weathered!

      As for Science Fiction I always enjoyed David Brin’s books (not so much his latest though). You might try the Postman or if you can get it The Practice Effect. This last one didn’t get his usual critical acclaim but I found it screamingly funny! Let me know how you go when or if you do read these and what you think of them. I still aim to do some blogs about them.

      Drop in for more reading entertainment whenever you wish for some imaginative fun.


  25. Hi Helen,
    I am also a fan of science fiction and I used to read a lot. I struggle with the less scientific authors like Tolkien though although I do enjoy the movies for some reason. I don’t read so much now as my other business activities keep me busy but when I am on holiday I still like to read a good book. My favorite authors would probably be Ian Rankin due to the Scottish themes in his books and Harlan Coben. I’ll be popping in and out of your site to keep in touch and check out your articles. I look forward to it.

    • Hi Craig, nice to see you here having a gander at my site. Ian Rankin rings a bell but I read so much sometimes it is hard to dredge names from my storage cells. And I have read some of Harlan’s books. I don’t mind a good detective/crime book along with my scifi and fantasy reading. In fact a lot of these overlap. I read Tolkien when quite young so really got stuck into his works. The movies, I haven’t actually seen the Lord of the Rings as so many time the movie lets me down after the book/s have been so good. I saw the first Hobbit, decided that too much had been added (after all it was such a slim book) so didn’t watch further.

      I think my bigget bugbear is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I have been through the radio plays, the TV series and the books. When the shorts of the movie came out, Marvin looked resembled the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man in metal form. That did it; I didn’t even go to the movie. I just couldn’t picture a manic depressive robot as a mechanical marshmallow! I look forward to intercommenting with you when you visit again.


  26. Hey,this site made me to remember my history teacher 20 years ago,i enjoyed every line,and wish i can continue reading over again. I have never read about science fiction before,now i have an knowledge about it. Very insightful. Keep it up.

    • Johnson, sites like this actually remind me of my English and English literature teacher. She was in fact an archaeologist and I am sure that in today’s world she would have written marvellous tales of science fiction.

      Please do visit again and continue reading and have a look at some of the stories available for you to read.


  27. Hi Helen
    Science fiction, and fantasy. My favourites of all time. When I was young, I read Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, been hooked ever since. I was so excited when they made movies of the books. Loved Harry Potter series. Good idea for a website. I am going to read it all. Put it my bookmarks to come back often. Yay you.

    • Linda, you wonderful lady in that we are kindred spirits. Added to those two books are the Narnia series, the Chronicles of Prydain, the Dark is Rising sequels and so on.

      In fact there was an exceptional auther who actually lived very close to us in British Columbia, on the shores of the mighty Kootenay Lake. The area must have been her inspiration. Our teacher read us the ‘One Winged Dragon’ as a school reading. After that I got all her books but now they can’t be found. And although a bit lighter on than JK Rowling’s work they were really good and gripping. Unfortunately children’s and young adult’s books became pretty bland for quite a while. Rowlings certainly put a stop to this!

      Now I have to get going with more posts for you to come and read. And comments as you feel.


  28. Since my chilhood I was amazed by science-fiction and mostly fantasy. I am not a reader but I do adore movies of these 2 genre and games that are related. I once thought about creating a fantasy story with dragons and knights but I thought I couldn’t do it or hadn’t the motivation. Maybe some day…

    I actually started a sci-fi story which the “foundation” ideas are there and the characters but I just need to… write it lol.

    From what I have read here, I can feel your passion and you seem to be a really passionate person. I wish I had more time to escape reality and go into those amazing “worlds”.

    • JP, I have often thought of writing in this thread and did have some interesting ideas. By the time I was about to write tales around these ideas, I had taken so long that the ideas had been used and in fact one of them was developed into reality. This was bionics for animals other that the 60 million dollar man! Now I watch the series The Bionic Vet about vet Noel Fitzpatrick. And this goes to show never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

      Reading has its great rewards and I tend to read a story before watching the movie as things are often changed. Sometimes so much the story is lost. One of my currently favourite book series is about Peculiar Children. You might like this as it is written around those old odd photos you sometimes seen. The movie has come out and fortunately only a few things were changed. I did pick them up right away though!

      That’s my next proposed post.

      Thanks for your comment.

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