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The Magic of Fantasy and Science Fiction Fantasy with Helen and Katie

There is no two ways about it, I am one of a crowd of people that love science fiction and experience science fiction addiction. There are many wonderful science fiction fantasy authors and it amazes me that so many people out there have no interest in the science fiction and/or fantasy stories they tell.

I find that I can carry out full conversations, with few words, with those I meet who feel the same ! (Actually Katie the cat does not pay any attention to me when I do talk to her.) All you have to do is say “remember the scene where” and the discussion begins in full depth or the laughter starts immediately.

Past Inventions Predict the Future 

Over the years the imagination of many science fiction
authors has proven quite valid and their ‘flights of fancy’ now appear in actuality. If you get right down to it Leonardo di Vinci was a specialist in science fiction and look at where his ideas are now.

Past Inventions Predict the FutureAir Travel in the Fifteenth Century

So a new author comes along and writes a tale with, what many people see as outrageous, ideas. Who can guess where these ideas will lead?

The realms of fantasy may never be seen as real but who really cares as they are food to widen your soul and imagination.

True Value of the Fantasy and Science Fiction World

I also find the books I have are rereadable over and over (especially if they have placed a meaningful
mark in my imagination).  I get something new out of them every time and expect this is because I read very fast and miss things the first time around. On the subsequent reads I often say to myself, ‘Oh that’s why that happened later in the book’!

I must admit I get real enjoyment out of stories with a trace or even a torrent of humour, the science fiction and fantasy creatures who are developed to show true traits of real animals (cats especially with their inborn arrogance and dogs with their loyalty) and the tales interweaving humans and earth myth.

I hope I will produce a website that will draw you to these thing I like and also that you will share comments with me giving me the story of your likes and dislikes with this genre.  And maybe you too will become addicted to science fiction and fantasy.

I have selected a group of affiliate companies where you can buy Science Fiction and Fantasy in books, hard and soft cover, eReaders, audio and film, hopefully with very few clicks of the mouse! As time passes  I am also arranging to provide toys, artwork, virtual worlds and visual novels.

If you would like to find out more go to and read about me.

The content and layout of my website may change at a whim as I present more and more information. Check out my posts and pages to keep in touch with my magic world of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

See you among the dreams, visions, swords and sorcery and wacky science fiction inventions.




    • Michael thanks for this. I am so far behind with everything I just realised I hadn’t made any responses. Silly me. I will be most happy if people do use this information as so many stories disappear into oblivion and lots of them are really good ones. Cheers and see you around.

  1. I find this site very interesting, enjoyed reading. As time is, I bookmarked for a later return. I love the information you have shared here, again very interesting read. Positives, Chris

    • Thanks Chris for your comment. As I tending to mix up my sequences with both new and old stories I am hoping people do find it interesting. So again thanks. I am working on more and will publish them soon.

  2. Have you read the Elemental Assassin Series by Jennifer Estep ? Excellent series read, and hard to put down…She was my November Author of the month on my site! …Are you a member of WA ?….you asked about the way my site is setup with all my bookstores on one page and how it works for me….I’ve had a lot of compliments on it being that way….but I’m kind of torn for that way or my blog for a landing page….fiction books is a very broad niche to get 1st page rankings and I haven’t got past page 12 YET!

    • I’m delighted you found my site. Yes I am a WA member and I am following you. I find it hard to remember who I am following. I think I can only manage to count on my fingers these days – my brain is cluttered and stuffed full.

      I hadn’t heard of Jennifer before but just had a quick look at her works. Looks like another purchase from Kobo. I will do it through you if I can. Have you read any of Kelley Armstrong’s books. She has several in a series about a hit woman. The first is ‘Exit Strategy’. She writes a good tale.

      Just from learning about how affiliates work I think your way is good as you can link everyone back to one page so “Google” doesn’t get excited over too many affiliate links.

  3. Past inventions predict the future! How true. I’m a lover of sci-fi fantasy myself. My husband has tagged my love for it as “cheesy”. Well then…I LOVE CHEESE! I look at all the futurist candy and know that it either already (secretly) exists, or it will soon…or maybe never; and who cares. Worm holes, teleportation, living on distant galaxies, flying objects using surveillance techniques (see what I mean…already doing it), and the wonderment of fantasy creatures; what is better than that! 🙂

    I just finished reading Debra Chester’s trilogy “The Alien Chronicles” for the 3rd time. I’m still waiting for the movie! Come on Hollywood! Imagine the special effects you could use. 🙂

    Love your site!

    • Sheila, me too. Give me cheese any day. I just looked up Deborah and this series isn’t on Kobo. I can actually buy from Kindle but have to do a fandangle to get it onto my Kobo eReader. But now I will try this out. I will let you know how I find the tales. And as for the past, once you read some of the history it is absolutely amazing on how many modern things have been predicted. Some might be primitive but the others are pretty advanced. Thanks for commenting and giving me another author to chase up.

  4. Hi Helen!
    I’ve found very interesting information on your site. I already bookmarked a few books for reading. I think it is great that you created your website using your passion for science fiction. I’ve also shared your site with my friends! Waiting for the new posts.

    • Zhanna, thanks for your comment. I do try to keep things interesting and tantalising. There is nothing worse than wanting to read a book or see a movie and then having someone who has done either or both telling you all about it. Thanks for sharing my website. I have two posts in the wind so hope to finish them for your reading leisure.

  5. A very good-looking site… Can serve an example. Easily navigated , and interesting content, too..I will still have to do all this…(WA, of course…)

    • I am glad you liked my site Vera and thanks for commenting. I am sure once your site is up and running it will be an interesting read too. Visit me any time and if you have any suggestions for what you would like to read about just let me know. Cheers, Helen

  6. This site is like a history lesson from my favourite History Teacher… such far-ranging topics, all handled with knowledge and passion.

    Although he was bashed by Fantasy aficionados, I’m still a sucker for David Gemmell’s Druss The Legend series. Nothing too deep or complex… just good fun stories.

    Your site is now bookmarked, and I shall be checking back for another lesson soon 🙂

    • Fray, thanks for the David Gemmell suggestion. There are so many authors out there that without suggestions I miss a lot. So now I will go and investigate David. Visit any time. I really appreciate construction comments.

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